Beth Smith (Aged 17)

beth1-1When I was 11 my primary school teacher encouraged us all to take part in the Torbay Civic Award. I had no idea at the time how beneficial the award would be to my personality and the influence that it would have on my life.

Since achieving the Torbay Civic Award I’ve just finished my two year enrolment in UK Youth Parliament, completed my Bronze and Silver D of E (I am currently working on my Gold award) and visited Poland and Auschwitz with the LFA and Holocaust Society. I doubt I would have had the confidence to do any of this without the lessons and belief in myself that was developed from the Civic Award. I truly believe that it was my participation and experience in the award that led me to be who I am today with the enthusiasm and effort that I give to everything that I take part in; it’s a basis for such life changing character development that’s made me proud to be who I am and embrace whatever life throws at me.

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