St Marychurch Primary Supporting Animals In Distress

animals_in_distressIn June, our Fundraising Officer Rowana went along to a special presentation worship at St Marychurch Primary School, to collect money raised by some of the pupils as part of their Torbay Civic Award.

The children held cake sales, a slushy sale and a ‘Guess the name of a Teddy’ competition to raise funds for dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs at the Rescue Centre.

Everyone at Animals in Distress would like to say a massive thank you to Lauren, Abi, Bea, Kacy, Tom and Ethan for your massive fundraising efforts. We were really impressed by all your hard work to help the animals in our care.

The above was featured in the official Animals in Distress Magazine.

Fundraising Officer Rowana comments: “Everyone at Animals in Distress was so grateful to Lauren, Abi, Bea, Kacy, Tom and Ethan of St Marychurch Primary school for having chosen us as their charity. All of their hard work raising money to help the animals at the Rescue Centre has made a big difference to the lives of the animals. “

Animals in Distress Registered Charity No. 1105487

Animals in Distress is a local animal welfare charity that takes in, cares for and rehomes over 600 cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs every year. Animals come to the Rescue Centre for a variety of reasons, including bereavement, illness, breakdown of relationships, financial hardship, straying, cruelty, neglect or abandonment. When the lives of South Devon’s pets fall apart, Animals in Distress is here to pick up the pieces.

Every effort is made to ensure that prospective owners find the right pet for them, and home checks are carried out. All animals are checked by our veterinary surgeon, and receive whatever treatment they may need. All cats and dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered before rehoming.

Without the generous support of the local community, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide this vital service.

Too find out more about Animals In Distress visit their official website and they can be found on facebook at

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