Priory Year 6 Students Awarded Torbay Civic Award 2016

15 Year 6 students from Priory Primary School were successfully awarded the Torbay Civic Award 2016.

Priory students have also provided some great photos written in their own words showcasing what they did for their Torbay Civic Award.

  • Georgina Archer
  • Owen Ferguson-Mercer
  • Matilda Fitzell
  • Elliot Frazer
  • Jacob Mortimore
  • Josh Rivers
  • Lauren Teague
  • Kornelia Wieczorek
  • Violet McArdle
  • Adam Browne
  • Millie Davies
  • Kacper Draminski
  • Paris Hill
  • Sophie McCuaig
  • Thomas Weldon








The Torbay & Devon Civic Award does not allow the downloading of images from our website. To request a image please contact the relevant school who will get in touch with us.