St Marychurch Civic Award 2014 / 2015

Almost all our Year 6 children are enthusiastically taking part in the Torbay Civic Award this year. This is what the children had to say…

“I didn’t like football at first but I tried it for my Torbay Civic Award for my new hobby. Now I am in the A Team and I played in the Bewley Cup semi-final!” (Mitchell)

“Making people smile again when I was a peer mediator was great! Seeing children playing together again after I had helped to solve their problems made me very happy!” (Cory)

“I organised a cake sale with Alesi and Poppy. We did this to help the world be a better place. We raised just under £40 and gave half to Animals In Distress and half to The Living Room. I felt so proud and happy that we achieved this.” (Chloe)

“Football training with the school inspired me to carry on and keep on trying and never give up!” (Brandon)

“The Torbay Civic Award has really given me a better attitude to life. I organised a cake sale with my friends and we raised £50 for Cancer Research. It made me feel that I’ve changed the world a little bit. Only a little bit – but that little bit is amazing to me!” (Carmen)

“Selling poppies in the rain for my Torbay Civic Award was hard but I think we helped people to remember people who sadly died in wars. We persuaded a lot of people to buy a poppy and I’m glad about this!” (Chloe)

“I did the Leap Of Faith on my residential experience which contributed to my Civic Award. I was so happy when I had done it! It made me feel that I can do anything if I try! (Lauryn)

“My friends and I had a cake sale and raised £45. We shared it between Cancer Research and Childline. We chose Cancer Research because my mum had cancer and we chose Childline because some children aren’t as fortunate as us!” (Rosie)

“When I do things for my Torbay Civic Award it makes me feel happy because I know I am raising money for people who need help in their lives” (Tegan)

“Being a Sports Ambassador is a big responsibility, leading sports which children want and managing them. I did this for my Torbay Civic Award and the experience has given me great confidence” (Ebony)

“I’m proud of all the achievements made during the Torbay Civic Award like: organising the sale, being a school councillor, peer mediating and peer mentoring. I did all these things to challenge myself! Something to remember and inspire me!” (Poppy)


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