Abbey School 2016 Torbay Civic Award

A total of 11 Year 6 Students were successfully awarded the Torbay Civic Award 2016 and participated in a range of activities including:

  • Supporting the local community in our Harvest Festival
  • Raising money for Children in Need
  • Acting as reading buddies for younger pupils
  • Supporting younger pupils with Mathematics
  • Holding cake sales for various charities
  • Presenting talks on charities
  • Taking part in chess tournaments
  • Participating in sports clubs
  • Learning a new language
  • Learning First Aid

The Following were proudly presented with their Torbay Civic Award at Torquay Boys Grammar School:

  • Monty Ashton
  • Jack Baxter
  • Jonathan Butler
  • Sophie Castillo-Palmer
  • Phoenix Coatham
  • India Granville
  • Jessica Hawke
  • Catriona Mason
  • Louis Ranson
  • Lucie Turley
  • George Williams