St Marychurch Helping Babbacombe Bay Bloomers

Year 6 student Bella from St Marychurch c of E Primary School  joined the Bloomers group on the 3rd of April to help plant the Osteospermum (Cape Daisies) as part of a permanent scheme for the Precinct planters.

Ian Cawley from Babbacombe Bloomers explained:

“The Health and Safety aspect of working in a public place before starting work.

” The job we were going to do and how to do it. • The importance of working tidily and cleanly.

” Bella listened to and watched what I find is a good way for planting and then continued with my supervision.

“Bella made her own decisions of which plants were best and how the plants looked best placed. I found Bella to be a very good student who listened and completed the task in a clean, happy and interested way.

Babbacombe Bloomers are a small group of volunteers who look after several public open spaces and gardens, including St Marychurch Precinct. For more information visit their facebook page at:

This is the second year St Marychurch students have supported Babbacombe Bloomers. In 2016 two St Marychurch students chose to work with Babbacombe Bloomers during their 2016/2017 Torbay and Devon Civic Award.