Highlights from Gatehouse Primary Academy 2019/2020

2019/2020 Torbay & Devon Civic Award Highlights from Gatehouse Primary Academy.

Active Citizenship in the School Community

  • Librarians– Maia, Lewis, Cody and Abigail
  • Head Girl and Boy – Sophie and Luke
  • Play Leaders – Kai Wilkins and Maisie G
  • Sports Leader – Bo Cheevers
  • House Captain – Emily Taylor
  • Eco Representative – Maisie B

Active Citizenship in the Community

Over the year, pupils have been actively engaged in a wide range of activities to support their community both before and during lockdown, including:

  • Abigail cleared rubbish from the local community.
  • Bo and Abigail have been busy with beach cleans.
  • Emily has helped some of the older people in the neighbourhood with their shopping during lockdown, including sanitising the items. She has also helped her Nan out with making face masks.
  • During lockdown, Maisie B baked and delivered cakes to a local nursing home.
  • Sophie arranged a VE Celebration for 75-year-old neighbour over the fence helping to cook a barbeque, baking a cake and sharing 1950s music with her.
  • At Christmas, Sophie, Maisie G and Bo entertained the residents of old people’s homes with their carol singing.
  • Lewis created and set up several games and stalls at the Dawlish Christmas Market, participated in a recycling challenge, made biscuits and cakes for various local events including the Poppy Appeal and supported Age UK and the Dawlish Fix-It Festival through a range of activities.
  • Before lockdown, Cody and Luke took part in several litter picks at the Exeter Park Runs.

Active and Non-Active Hobbies

Archery, Rifle range shooting, Indoor skydiving, Dancing, Art, Cross-stitch, Cooking and Baking, Crochet, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Karate, Guitar lessons, Gardening, Football, Cricket, Tae Kwan Do, Dog Training, Kick Boxing.

Adventurous Activities

Y6 Children at Gatehouse were due to go on a residential during the summer term this year. However, this was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Some children had already participated in outdoor and adventurous activities with other organisations:

Charities Gatehouse Primary Academy supported

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