Holly Shepherd Civic Award 2019/2020

Here are the highlights of year 6 Highweek Community Primary School student Holly Shepherd on her 2019/2020 Torbay and Devon Civic Award.

Chosen Charity

I chose to support the BHF as I was born with a heart condition, VSD.  After making contact with the charity, I arranged a meeting at the local shop in Newton Abbot.  I met Kay who is the regional officer and explained my reasons for the project.  Kay agreed to keep a record of my contributions and monies raised by them.

Active Citizenship in the School Community

During the school term, I completed my duties which included looking after children during lunch periods.  There were other times when I supported upset or lonely children through lunch break.

Active Citizenship in the Community

In the road, lanes and my neighbour’s houses, I volunteered to clean up and get rid of nasty weeds and litter.  The area looked untidy and unloved.

These photographs show me on one day, working to clear the weeds and mess from the walls, gutters and drains near my home.

Cycling is my main hobby and I often go out with my parents.  My Dad works away a lot and I usually go with him, I get to meet famous cyclist and visit cycling facilities.

I have been attending musical theatre classes for a couple of years but this year I started some new dance classes.  I’ve still attend some classes but using Zoom.


In December 2019 I stayed at Grenville House, Brixham for a 3 day adventure experience with friends.  The trip was organised by my school teachers, it was great fun but challenging!!  We took part in lots of exciting  activities, climbing rocks, high ropes and raft building – we got really wet!

Each evening we had group walks by the side of the harbour.  It was lovely as there were lots of bright Christmas lights and decorations about.

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