Alice Edworthy Civic Award 2019/2020

Here are the highlights of year 6 Highweek Community Primary School student Alice Edworthy on her 2019/2020 Torbay and Devon Civic Award.

Non-Active Hobby – Decoupage Card Making

In September I took up the art of making decoupage greeting cards. To enable me to do this I have gathered lots of bits and pieces that I think will be useful, like wrapping paper with repeating designs, stickers, ribbon, washi tape and gems.

Once made I have used them to give to family and friends for their birthdays and they have loved them.

I also came up with the idea of making lots of Christmas cards and approached the local charity shop , Banardo’s, about them selling them. I made 40 for them of all different designs.

This has been a fun hobby to learn and I have found it quite relaxing.


My first Charity event was the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon, held at school. We gathered in cakes from donations, advertised the event, made decorations and ran the afternoon. We were pleased to make £152 for the charity.

Another Charity I have supported is Banardo’s. I made cards for Christmas and approached the local Banardo’s shop to ask if they would like them to sell. They were delighted as they don’t have single Christmas cards in the store and a lot of people ask for them. I made about 40 and took them down in a little basket for them to be put by the till. I regularly checked with them that they were selling and if they needed further supplies. They said they were delighted with them and I received a letter from their Head Office, thanking me for my beautiful handmade cards and saying that I had raised £17.50 for them. I was delighted.

Because of this I asked them if they would like some cards for Easter, so I produced a number of cards and took them down to them at the end of February. They had sold a few of them before the lockdown.


The Scout group I belong too is also a Charity and I have been able to support them in raising funds for a large extension to our hut.

We held a Bingo evening in November, and I made some cakes to sell in the interval, they went down a storm. I also helped to run the stall that we had at the Victorian Evening, which is held in early December in the center of Newton Abbot. We had a game to run and went through the town with a collection bucket.


In mid September, I undertook a 2 night camp with my Scout group. It was a gathering of all the Scout Groups in the Devon District, and was held at Woodlands Theme Park. I met lots of people I didn’t know as we played many games that got us to interact, it was great fun.

We slept in tents in our groups and we had to do all the cooking whilst there. I made breakfast on the first morning, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans and eggy bread, yum! That evening I helped to make the spaghetti bolognaise and also do the washing up. I enjoyed sleeping in the tent and even when it rained, we stayed dry.

In December, Year 6 went on a 2 night residential to Grenville House in Brixham. We slept in dormitories with 10 people in it, I slept on a bunk at the top with my best friend, Lexie, on the bottom bunk.

The first afternoon I went raft building, we worked well as a team and I enjoyed getting wet when we jumped into the sea. The food was delicious, made by a lovely cook called Cheryl, and gave us lots of energy to do all the activities.

On day two I went rock climbing and the high ropes course which included a leap of faith at the end, I DID IT!

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