Shiphay Learning Academy Students Awarded Torbay & Devon Civic Award 2020

8 Year 6 students from Shiphay Learning Academy were successfully awarded the Torbay and Devon Civic Award 2019/2020.

Congratulations to:

Erin Bond

Eve Cameron

Phoebe Denbow

Aston Ryder

Millie Sneap

Austin White

Cassidy Wright

Theo Walsh

Here is a run down of our Civic Award Graduates

Erin Bond: Muddy Mutts and RSPCA Swin (Charity) PGL and French Residential, School Pupil Council, Helping Grandparents during the lockdown, Dance and animal care (hobbies), Peer Mediator and Hall Monitor.

Eve Cameron: Cooking and Baking, Gymnastics and Football, PGL and French Residential, School Digital Leader, Children in Need and Gymnastic Fundraiser, Gym Coach, Peer Mediator and Hall Monitor

Phoebe Denbow: School Digital Leader, PGL Residential, Dancing and Painting, Beach Clean, Children in Need, Hall Monitor and Peer Mediator

Aston Ryder: Long distance bike ride for Save the Rhino, PGL Residential, Canoe club and BMX Club, Cooking, Beach Clean, Hall Monitor and Peer Mediator

Millie Sneap: Junior Librarian, Reading Buddy, Hall Monitor and Peer Mediator, Brownies and Gymnastics, Baking, PGL Residential, hair donation for Little Princess Trust, Children in Need

Austin White: PGL and French Residential, Football, Beach Clean, Fixing a Lawn Mower, Children in Need, hall Monitor and Peer Mediator

Theo Walsh: PGL Residential, baking, swimming, Children in Need, Digital Leader and Hall Monitor, mentoring and supporting activities at Beavers.

Cassidy Wright:  PGL and French Residential, Beach Clean, Children in Need, Hall Monitor and Peer Mediator, Junior Librarian, Punk Pantry, Gymnastics, Football, Cooking, Horse Riding. Read More

The Torbay & Devon Civic Award does not allow the downloading of images from our website. To request a image please contact the relevant school who will get in touch with us.