Bovey Tracey Civic Award

Last week the children who have completed the Torbay and Devon Civic Award were assessed and we are delighted to say that all 20 participants passed with flying colours. We would like to share and celebrate some of their hard work with you.

To achieve the award the children had to complete the work independently and in their own time and then be assessed against 6 different criteria. We have a selection of pictures demonstrating this which we hope you will enjoy!

Active Citizenship in the Local Community

Children had to prove that they had made a difference in their community. They did this by activities such as attending lunch bunch, doing litter picks, visiting and doing jobs for elderly neighbours and in many more ways.

Active Citizenship in our School

Children had to prove that they consistently made a difference to the running of our school. Activities included peer mediation, buddying, play leading, lunch time helping and being a reading champion.

An Active Hobby and A Passive Hobby

Children had to prove that they were committed to a hobby for at least four months. One hobby (either active or passive) had to be new to them this year. Active hobbies included cycling, swimming, dancing, rugby and more. Passive hobbies included baking, knitting, music and art.

Charity work

This was an area that surpassed all expectation. The children worked tirelessly to raise money for a variety of charities from HemiHelp to Cancer Research and Diabetes UK to Plymouth Cat Rescue. They did this in a variety of ways such as sponsored walks, cake bakes and at one point we even had toilets filled with cash! The outcome was that they raised over £4000 in total – a superb effort, well done!

Adventure Training

The children had to complete a stay away from home that involved adventure training. Whilst some children went away with Scout and Guiding groups, everybody in Year Six went to Skern Lodge. A great time was had by all and many fears were conquered!

Assessment Day

A variety of local people came to assess the children. They were in awe of the hard work that the children had put in to the award and praised them all highly. The Mayoress of Bovey was one of the assessors and after the assessment was over, she allowed children to try on her chain!

We would like to congratulate all of the children who took part and we look forward to joining them at Torquay Boys’ Grammar School for a presentation evening.