Feniton C of E Primary School Students Awarded Torbay & Devon Civic Award 2021

32 Year 6 students from Feniton C of E Primary School were successfully awarded the Torbay and Devon Civic Award 2020/2021.

The children of Feniton Primary School have certainly impressed this year. The restrictions of Covid 19 Lockdown neither dampened their spirits nor prevented them from achieving great things. Working towards the Civic Award they demonstrated a high level of resilience and clear passion for their causes. They demonstrated as such when presenting to the assessors at the end of the year. Their confidence and level of maturity was astounding.

Congratulations to:

  • Ava Sturley-Knief
  • Ben Critcher
  • Bertie Cordon
  • Caitlin Lovering
  • Chase Manvell
  • Daisy Cordon
  • Devon Hill
  • Emily Bater
  • Evie Lees
  • Isobel Bader
  • Jack Marles
  • Jay Carter
  • Jenna Humphries
  • Jessica Rees
  • Jessie Bristow
  • Kobi Turner
  • Lacey Flower
  • Liam Bean
  • Lottie Rundle
  • Matthew Smith
  • Marley Chaplin
  • Milo Henriksen
  • Nathan Blair Arbury
  • Noah Tolly
  • Oliver Broom
  • Reece Trotter
  • Penelope Cammkeyte
  • Samuel Leighton
  • Sofia Sangsamanan
  • Solenn Graeber
  • Sophie Hamilton
  • Zara Berry












Their hobbies have been wide ranging from photography to needlecraft and podcasting. It was extremely difficult for them to raise money for their respective charities this school year, but many overcame the barriers and did so. All of them raised awareness for their cause and learnt a great deal about themselves and others in doing so.

Despite the lockdown, the children were determined to leave their mark on the school community. They designed and made an educational wooden toy for the school’s brand new forest school and kept the playground neat and tidy during the Autumn. The local community benefitted greatly too. Our usual harvest was collected ,collated and distributed during a time when many of it’s recipients needed to see ahappy smiling face. This was followed up at Christmas with handmade Christmas cards spreading festive cheer.


The Torbay & Devon Civic Award does not allow the downloading of images from our website. To request a image please contact the relevant school who will get in touch with us.