Finlay Howorth Civic Award 2019/2020

Here are the highlights of year 6 Feniton C of E Primary School student Finlay Howorth on his 2019/2020 Torbay and Devon Civic Award.

Chosen Charity

My chosen charity is Children In Need.

Their Vision. Children In Need want to make sure every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood allowing them to reach their potential.

What They Do. They provide grants to projects all over the UK which focus on children and young people.

I helped organise a cake sale to raise money. I made posters and leaflets to advertise the event which was a great success. The sale made £68.50!

I decided to donate the money to The Rickshaw Challenge because in 2019 The Hunter Foundation pledged to give 40p for every £1 raised meaning more money for my charity.😃

The Rickshaw Challenge is a team of six young people that cycle 400 miles from Holyhead (Wales) to London. The Rickshaw Challenge has been running since 2011.

The 2019 Children In Need appeal raised £47.8 million and The Rickshaw Challenge contributed a huge £8.5 million.!

Active Citizenship in the School Community

I didn’t really get the chance to get involved with an active citizenship role this year apart listening to the younger children read. In year 5 I helped looked after Reception Rangers and Little Explorers at break times.

Active Citizenship in the Home Community

When these pictures were taken I was in Cubs, I have recently moved up to Scouts. We were doing a march around Ottery St Mary for remembrance Sunday. I collected money on behalf of the Poppy Appeal and also laid a wreath at the church. I have also been involved in other charity events raising money for the Scouting movement.

I have been picking up litter in my local community. I have also helped deliver the produce collected at the Harvest Festival to those who needed it in the community. Year 6 planted bulbs around Feniton and I helped with this activity too.

Non Active Hobbies

My non-active hobbies include cooking, reading and movie making. I recently was awarded my chef badge at scouts.

During lockdown I have been making lots of soup with my mum, my newest hobby is movie making and my longest movie is Life In Lockdown (which I shared on GOOGLE classroom).

Watch the Made in Lockdown Video

Active Hobbies

My active hobbies include golf, swimming (400m last badge earned), netball and cycling. In the summer I usually play cricket too but Covid-19 stopped that this year.

Residential Experience

Our Year 6 Outdoor Challenge was unfortunately cancelled, due to Covid.

In Year 5 we stayed in St. Briavels Castle. I was put in the prison room!😲 I was delighted with this decision. There was creepy graffiti scratched into the walls by the prisoners held captive there many years ago. We were also told it was haunted!

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