Video: Made in Lockdown by Finlay H

Year 6 student Finlay Howorth from Feniton C of E Primary School created a lockdown video during his 2019/2020 Torbay and Devon Civic Award

In 2020 Torbay and Devon Civic Award participants were subjected to lockdowns and school closures due to the Coronavirus outbreak and during this time Finlay  created a video to represent life in lockdown using lego for scenery and characters.

The video encapsulates the repetitiveness of the 2020 lockdown. It focuses on a year 6 student being home schooled and also suffering from boredom during this very uncertain period and with members of his family also appearing at key parts of this short animated film.

This entire animated short film was created, written and edited by Finlay Howorth who  comments on making the short film:

“To make my movie I firstly downloaded the Stop Motion Studio app onto an iPhone and created a little studio at home by clearing off all the stuff from a shelf in my bedroom. I don’t have any fancy equipment;  I just used a selfie stick to hold the phone which I stuck to the surface with Blu Tack to keep it steady and used a couple of desk lamps to make sure the lighting was consistent.

“It works better if you have a remote trigger (it’s on my Christmas list) or make sure you press the shutter really gently, so you don’t jog the camera. The app is really quite easy to use and self-explanatory it allows you to take lots of individual frames that when you put them together, gives the idea of motion.

“The app records frames onto a timeline which you can pause and scroll through at any time. It takes about 10 frames to create a second of movie time. You can make your movie using anything, but I usually use Lego. There is a selection of sound effects on the app or you can record or add your own.

YouTube video

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