Highlights from Preston Primary School 2019/2020


Last summer in July, I participated in the sleep walk for Rowcroft Hospice. We walked 10 miles – “It was exhausting and we finshed at 1 o’clock in the morning! We had a few breaks but not many and we received a medal for our contribution.



For the Civic Award Fayre I made rocky road and cakes. My charity was Rowcroft. I raised money for them because my Nan was looked after there when she was ill.




During lockdown I decided to try and make some fabric masks. I managed to get them to work and have made more for friends and family who waned one during this pandemic.



I have enjoyed looking after the animals at school. I have to make sure they have food and water as well check for the eggs, meaning I have to show great responsibility. It has been amazing to bond with the chickens.


My charity I have chosen Children in need. I have chosen children in need because I want to help out children who have conditions so they have the best life in possible if that means entertainment in hospital they should have it. Children in need also help children is they have been Neglected to help the career to be better they also run a project called the Power of play in this project they support charity that run classes for an example woodland clubs were they teach children how to light a fire, Forage for food and many survival tips in the woodland. Children in need is motto is ‘Together we can change young lives’ I believe in this motto truly together we can change.

I completed a sponsored swim as well as taking part in our school fayre.

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