Charities Supported by Sacred Heart Primary School during 2018/2019

17 Year 6 students from Sacred Heart Primary School (Paignton) have supported various charities while participating in the 2018 / 2019 Torbay and Devon Civic Award.

Here are some comments from each of the successful students and the charities they chose to support.

Krishma Treneary – ‘I have learnt how to take responsibility and ownership, as well as becoming organised.’ Supported Animals in Distress.

Nell Garside – ‘I previously had chickens from the trust and it was an amazing experience.’ Supported British Hen Welfare Trust.

Ashley Crawley – ‘My cat was from the Blue Cross. I have enjoyed being helpful and kind as well as learning new skills.’ Supported Blue Cross (For Pets).

Nakisha Gale – ‘I don’t like seeing animals suffer. I have enjoyed raising money and helping others. I have learnt to put others first.’ Supported RSPCA.

Evie Hooper  ‘I chose the NSPCC because children should have a nice childhood instead of one where they are scared or mentally or physical abused.’ Supported NSPCC.

Summa Butler – ‘My mum’s nan had breast cancer.’ Supported The Breat Cancer Research Foundation.

Francesca Wright – ‘This was my nanny’s charity…It is special to me.’ Supported St Margarets Hospice.

Toni McDonough-Pestell – ‘One of my aunties’ mum’s went here.’ Supported St Margarets Hospice.

Jack Simkins – ‘I chose Sport Relief because I feel bad about poor people in Africa…I wanted to help…I learnt how to be less selfish.’ Supported Sport Relief.

Summer Harwood – ‘A lot of wildlife is endangered and I don’t want it to die out. I have enjoyed making people happy by helping something they love.’ Supported WWF.

Lara Melville – ‘I chose Save the Children because I do not want chidren to suffer. I liked receiving a certificate from them as it made me feel proud.’ Supported Save the Children.

Charlie Pickering – ‘During Civic Award, I have liked working independently on my ideas to raise money for my charity.’ Supported Children with Cancer UK.

Taylor Reed – ‘When my nan was diagnosed with cancer, they helped our family and made her last days those to remember.’ Supported Rowcroft Hospice.

Skye Gibbins – ‘Rowcroft is special to me as my grandad died there.’ Supported Rowcroft Hospice.

William Mahon – ‘I am passionate about the Sea Cadets Corps and making a difference.’ Supported Sea Cadets.

Lily Lockley-English – ‘I’ve always loved dogs and it’s upsetting to see how some people treat them.’ Supported Dogs Trust.

Fallun Godfrey – ‘I have enjoyed selling things and learning to take responsibility.’ Supported Macmillan Cancer Support.

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