Sacred Heart Primary School Year 6 Students Awarded Torbay & Devon Civic Award 2018

15 Year 6 students from Sacred Heart Primary School (Paignton) were successfully awarded the Torbay and Devon Civic Award 2018.

Congratulations to:

  • Sean Asplen
  • Lyla Pocock
  • Halina Ahad
  • Tegan Solomon
  • Robert Hayes
  • Rio Koyikkara
  • Sophie George
  • Harley Jegat
  • Sureyya Subasi
  • Codie Clarke
  • Amelia lansiquot
  • Madison Lovegrove
  • Danielle Bunyan
  • Evie-Rose Lewsey
  • Joshua Nott
  • Maddison Forrest








The Torbay & Devon Civic Award does not allow the downloading of images from our website. To request a image please contact the relevant school who will get in touch with us.