St Marychurch Year 6 Students Awarded Torbay & Devon Civic Award 2017

31 Year 6 students from St Marychurch Church of England Primary School were successfully awarded the Torbay and Devon Civic Award 2017.

Congratulations to:

  • Finley Burt
  • Oscar Cammack
  • Jordan Clarke
  • Sophia Clarke
  • Ellen Dayment
  • Joshua Furze
  • Cody Furze
  • Elias Garner
  • Joshua Garner
  • Daniel Green
  • Kelsey Hawkings
  • Erin Heaward
  • Teegan Hussey
  • Samuel Knowles
  • Ashley Linder
  • Libby-Marie Marshall
  • Kelsey Watkins
  • Eva Manley
  • Katie Packer
  • Ella Rogers
  • Grace Macdonald
  • Lydia Manley
  • Toby March
  • Emily Old
  • Riley Potter
  • Elisia Prendi
  • Elisla Rumniece
  • Megan Stapleton
  • Ellie-Mae Silvester
  • Amber Sloman
  • Poppy Walker












St Marychurch have participated in a wide range of activities including:

Christmas Faye supporting 11 charities.

Organised sending unwanted Toys to Syria.

Encourage lots of children in our school to become Dementia Friendly.

Spent a morning supporting children with educational and learning difficulties at Mayfield Primary School.

We have covered quite a few of the achievements St Marychurch has accomplished during the past 12 months which can be viewed by clicking here.