Tempy Rogers Torbay & Devon Civic Award 2019/2020

I have really enjoyed year six at Oldway despite the lockdown and have gotten involved in lots of things. I have also been doing my best to carry on helping the community and would like to be considered for the Torbay and Devon Civic Award please.

Before lockdown started, I spent most lunchtimes at school helping the younger children as a play leader. I really enjoyed supporting them in making friends because I struggled myself when I was younger. I was also a junior librarian and looked after the library before and after school some days.

To help the local community I support a charity called PATH (People Aiding Torbays Homeless). Before lockdown I helped my Mum make packed lunches for homeless people on Fridays. But because so many people have lost their jobs and don’t have much money, PATH have had to support a lot more people. So we have started cooking big meals for them to give out to people and I have made lots of cakes and cookies too. I’ve put a picture on of some cakes I made.

My main active hobby is performing arts. Before lockdown I used to go to performing arts club at school and had a big part in our end of year performance of ‘Rock Bottom’. Even though this has been cancelled, I have carried on learning the songs and dances and done lots of little performances for my family. We’ve also been keeping fit by doing Joe Wicks workouts and me and my sisters also made our own gymnastics club and practice a lot. My mum took a picture of me practicing cartwheels.

My main non-active hobby is Art. I started Art Club with Mrs Mitchell in September and have carried on since she left. During lockdown I have made lots of rainbow art, including a rainbow tree for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and colourful window displays to cheer people up. I’ve also been doing projects with everyday objects and making things out of clay. I’ve sent you pictures of some of the art I’ve made during lockdown.

We were lucky and got to go on residential before lockdown. Heatree House was amazing and I’m really pleased I got to spend time with my friends before lockdown. We climbed the high ropes, went river crawling, did rock climbing, went kayaking, learnt orienteering and loads of other things. It was a really cool experience!

The cause I have adopted is Stoodly Meadow. I am a member of FOSK (Friends of Stoodly Knowl) and we look after the meadow and keep it nice for the community. Before lockdown, we planted lots of trees around the meadow and helped make a bug habitat. We also helped at table top sales and the community cafe to raise money for the meadow. During lockdown, it has been more difficult but we have still helped look after the plants and keep it nice for people who were exercising. I would like to do more to help and am planning to do a sponsored silence and a bake sale to help raise money. I am sending a picture of me taking the protective cover off a I tree planted and some I took of the meadow.

I have tried to continue practicing the Oldway values throughout lockdown and will at my new school too.

Thank you Oldway for making this year awesome, both before and during lockdown!

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