Highlights from Blackpool Primary School 2019/2020

We welcome Blackpool C of E Primary School entering their 1st year in participating within the Torbay and Devon Civic Award and here are some of the highlights of Blackpool C of E Primary Students.


Ruby volunteered to walk the dog of a local lady who was isolating due to COVID 19 symptoms. She did this every day for two weeks. 

Ruby has saved her money and bought a DSLR camera, so that she can take up photography.  

Ruby has started kickboxing. She trains twice a week, and has achieved the grade of yellow stripe belt. 


I wrote a diary based on my experiences in the Corona Crisis and sent a letter to the Government raising my concerns. I received a reply too!


My Nannie supports Children’s Hospice South West. There are three in the South West they are Little Bridge House in North Devon, Charlton Farm in Somerset and Little Harbour in Cornwall. After seeing photos and videos of Little Bridge House I decided I would like to help Nannie with fundraising.

We came up with the idea of selling duck eggs from Nannie’s farm. Because of lockdown I couldn’t help collect the eggs but I facetimed Nannie whilst Nannie collected them and put them in the boxes ready to be put out on the table next to the farm gate.

Nannie and I decided to sell the eggs for £1.00 for six. Everyone has been very honest and not taken any eggs without paying. So far we have collected £135 and that will go to Children’s Hospice South West. When lockdown is over Nannie is going to take me to an open day at one of the three hospices. 

I have really enjoyed fundraising and hope the money I have raised will help.

Below are pictures of the egg table and the ducks.


Active Citizenship in my School Community

Being a P.E. leader has been a really fun and hard working responsibility.  As P.E. leader, I have taken care of the school sports equipment, and brought equipment out of the shed at the start of break time and put all the equipment into the shed when it’s the end of break time making sure the equipment is looked after by everyone. All the P.E. leaders have a rota that says three specific people are P.E. leaders on a certain day to look after the school equipment on that day and there is week one and week two as well. 

The P.E. leaders also ran several courses for the whole school where a class was split into groups and took turns at different stations on the playground.  I was one of the leaders for a course and my course was organising running races for different class groups.. 

Being a P.E. leader can sometimes be exhausting but it is exciting too! I hope that we P.E. leaders have been good role models to the year fives that will next year choose their role and help the school. 

When I chose my role as a P.E. leader I wanted to be one because I love sport and being in charge of the sports equipment and doing courses for the school was something I was hoping to do.

Active citizenship in my home community.

Once lockdown is over I am looking forward to helping in my local community village shop, Ilsington Village Shop. As a shop volunteer, I will serve the customers, use the till, help stack shelves and take care of my home community.

My Hobbies

I play football each week at Ashburton Football Club.  I am passionate about Art and Drawing and regularly draw at home – I love creating characters and landscapes, people and monsters! I am building my own art books.


The early part of my Civic award was spent litter picking. This was done at Hope’s Nose, in the school grounds and at Dawlish Beach. The litter was then sorted into recycling and land fill. Where ever possible, litter was reused, for example fishing weights and lures. This activity helped improve the location and made it a nicer place to visit.

After Covid 19

After the school plans became impossible due to the pandemic, I turned my attention to gardening. My plan is to grow seedlings and vegetables to sell. I have enjoyed creating a vegetable garden because I would like to be able to walk out of the house and eat from the bushes! I also enjoy being outdoors.

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