Lockdown Limerick Poem by Jacob Start

Jacob Start from Blackpool C of E Primary School has put together a poem titled Lockdown Limerick which resembles his thoughts during the lock down period.

There once was a boy called Jacob Start
Who enjoyed art
But when the virus came
It really was quite a shame
It wasn’t very smart

There was a good side though
Of course we still had Joe
I even camped in my garden
You may thinking, “What pardon?”
Oh and we also made our own bread dough

Rainbows cover every window or door
Urging on the key workers which we adore
But now is it VE Day, hang banners and flags on your house
Which remembering it allows
At least I am still allowed to cycle across the moor

Now the end is near
I let out a cheer
Home schooling is stopping
Corona cases are dropping
This is one odd year

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