Nina brings Torbay and Devon Civic Award to Babbacombe!

Two of the most important values of the Torbay and Devon Civic Award are Determination and Independence and these have definitely been demonstrated by Nina May of All Saints Babbacombe C of E Primary School this year!

Nina had been excited about starting the Torbay and Devon Civic Award in Year 6, but disappointed to find out that her new primary school were not taking part in the award. However, when many children would have given up, Nina persevered, and undeterred, she carried on alone, planning her work for the year.

With permission from the school, Nina ran an Elf Day as part of Christmas Jumper Day at school. On Elf Day each child at the school learned how to work out their ‘elf name’ and were able to buy elf wristbands & badges; one lucky child won a special art set for the best elf outfit (which Nina bought with her own pocket money) When her new headteacher, Mr Nutbeam, found out about her efforts he was so impressed with her passion and hard work that he offered to donate the proceeds from the school’s own Christmas jumper day to her cause. He has since taken it upon himself to support Nina’s efforts, and is now so inspired by herexample and the values of the scheme that he plans introduce the award himself at All Saints Babbacombe next September!

Nina’s chosen charity is the Alzheimers Society. Although she set herself a £200 target initially to raise much needed funds for research into what causes dementia and one day developing a cure, she has now transferred over £501 and is over the moon!

Here is what she wrote: 

‘A few years ago, my nanny was diagnosed with dementia and it broke my heart. It makes me so sad that things will never be the same again for us. I love how she always has a big smile when she sees me and how I can do funny things to make her laugh – then I know she’s happy. I get upset because I know that she recognises me now, but one day she might not. I chose this charity as part of my Civic Award because it means so much to me that by raising even a little bit of money, I might be able to help, just in a small way, in the search for a cure. If Nanny knew about my fundraising, I hope she would be very proud of me.’

Of course, charity work is only one part of attaining the Civic Award. Nina also has to showcase her community spirit, teamwork, hobbies and interests. She is looking forward to completing her award criteria and following in her sister’s footsteps. As the first at her new school to work toward this award, she will be setting the standard for future pupils.

Well done Nina for bringing the Torbay and Devon Civic Award to your new school and being Babbacombe’s pioneer!

K.A.Thomson February 2021



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