Presentation Night 2012

St Marychurch took numbers this year to 190! The presentation Night was once again held in the Centenary Hall at TBGS and children were presented with their Torbay Civic Award certificates by the Chair of Torbay Council CouncillorJulien Parrott. This year some Torbay Civic Award graduates were invited to speak at the launch.

This is what they had to say…

Sam: “During the civic award I had to achieve many things. The two main ones were my charity work and learning to play the saxophone. On boxing day I swam in the sea in a Santa costume; it was very cold. This was my charity work which raised money for cancer research uk; my aunty had previously died from cancer. The second thing was my non-active hobby, which was learning to play the saxophone. I made a video so the examiner could see me playing. Overall the civic award has taught me to be a stronger person with courage to do things that I wouldn’t normally do which will help me in later life.”

Georgie: “During my time in year 6 at Cockington Primary, I completed the civic award. Part of it was service in the school community, so I took part in the peer-mentor scheme that was taking place in the school. We had to look after a child who was having trouble in school and guide them in the right direction. We became his friends as well as guidance, and I know that my peer-mentor buddy recently completed the civic award himself which made me very proud! Now I’m at TGGS, and all of the skills I used keeping my buddy on the correct path helped me give other people advice at secondary school and take on roles of responsibility in the school itself. The leadership in my primary school role helped me become a better person and having the responsibility of another child helped me be more organized and realize how influential older children are to those younger than them. Without the civic award, I wouldn’t be the person I am, or have taken on the roles I have.”

Aimee: “At first I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do the Civic Award because I thought it would be really hard, but I tried and I didn’t give up and in the end I loved doing it. I did a cake sale for the Blue Cross and it was amazing. We raised quite a bit of money and I loved the fact that I was doing things for a good cause. From the Civic Award I learned that I can do anything when I put my mind to it.”

Charlotte: “I found it very tricky at first to do the Civic Award but it’s so worth it in the end. You will gain so much from this and I would push any year 6 to do it. It’s alot of fun too; getting to raise money for your charity and having to find new hobbies. For me that was quite hard but when I found a hobby which was cooking, I stuck to it and ended up loving it and I still do know.”

Adam: “When I did the civic award, the one part the stood out for me was part of my ‘hobbies’ category. As a keen footballer, I choose to do this as one of my hobbies. During it, my school reached the final of the local schools cup – the bewley cup – we went on to win 3-0 and it was a great achievement for me to put in my award! This is influential in my life now and in the future because I know how you can feel when you put your mind to something and win something you really want!”

Sam: “The Civic Award has helped make me the person I am today. For example I helped a boy in year 3 read by going into his class just before registration and reading a book with him. It was really good to watch his progress and know that he wouldn’t be as good without my help. It wasn’t much work for me but it made a difference to him and every morning I would go in to find him with a book he had chosen specially to read with me. I also did peer mediating which was helping the other kids sort out their problems. I still use those skills today. The civic award is a very rewarding thing and you should try it.”

Joel: “For my part in helping the community I helped teach younger ones to swim. This affected my life and me as a person because as I was teaching I felt like I was changing people’s lives for the better. Because of this I didn’t just stop after I had completed the Civic Award but I continued afterward and still try to help when I can now.”

Abigail: “One of the criteria’ of the civic award is to go on a residential. I learnt many things from Bude – the residential that I took part of, that teamwork is important, as the whole week is based around working together to achieve certain goals. It also taught me to be more confident and committed in things I do and to go for new and different opportunities like surfing, canoeing, climbing and many more exciting activities. My experience there has inspired me to take part in Ten Tors and Duke of Edinburgh also, which are similar to the civic award.”

Harry: “I’ve always liked History: always have and always will. I find it fascinating how we can tell our planets past by just looking at some soil or the fact that we can tell how an animal that lived millions of years ago died. When the Civic award was introduced to us for the first time, I thought I’d give it a go for a bit of responsibility and possible fun. At the end of it, it not only gave me the responsibility to work efficiently by myself, it gave me the tools for my dream of being a professor of history to become a reality in later life: the courage to speak in front of a lot of people, the ability to try new things and the gift of co-operating with other people. Doing the Torbay Civic Award really prepared me for my future career and I’m so glad I did it.”

Tom: “I chose to adopt Diabetes UK as my charity for the civic award. I feel strongly about this charity because 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This came completely out of the blue and my family found out lots of information about diabetes from them. We have become members of the charity and they send us magazines and information throughout the year. We recently did a sponsored walk and also filled a moneybox for diabetes week. I was glad to support this charity when I was taking part in the Civic Award.”

Fahrida:Doing the civic award has helped me in many ways in trying to pursue my future career path of being a lawyer as it helped me realise what I can achieve. I now believe that I have the skills to help me. It has helped me as it has built up my confidence, showed me how to create an open mind towards new things, how to interact and communicate with different people and, most importantly, all the different aspects of the civic award has now made me see that at the end of the day effort and hard work actually means something and will help you towards anything.”