Yr6 bake sale for charity @ Hazeldown Primary School

Three year 6 Torbay & Devon Civic Award participants from Hazeldown primary school Raises £117 for WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)

On the 19th May year 6 students Jenson, Brooke and April  held a bake sale in the grounds of Hazeldown Primary school raising a total of £117 for their chosen charity the World Widelife Foundation

The WWF is not just about saving the animals, they also work to combat climate change and cleaning our Oceans.

They work closely with the Government to help the develop policies for companies and renewable energy. This is an important task as we are the last generation that can make change to save the planet.

To find out more about WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) visit their website at https://www.wwf.org.uk

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