Highlights from Feniton C of E Primary School 2018/2019

Highlights from Feniton Church of England Primary School on what they have been involved with during the 2018 / 2019 Torbay and Devon Civic Award.

23 Year 6 students from Feniton Church of England Primary School took part in this years Torbay and Devon Civic Award.

Active citizenship in the school community

The children have  led within many instances of  enhancing our school community. Their  responsibilities and participation include:

  • Looking after the school garden and wildlife areas.
  • Helping out within the  infant  playground.
  • Monitoring the carbon footprint of our school by checking recycling and switching off unwanted lights.
  • Supervising the safe movement of the school during transition periods.
  • Being an extra pair of hands to clear chairs at the end of each lunch period.
  • Weekly guided reading sessions with younger  members of the school.
  • Taking a lead within  our  seasonal  act of worship at  St Andrews Church.
  • Sports council leadership,  ensuring every member of  the school community participates within quality, directed, daily physical activity.

Active Citizenship in the local community

Within our rural community the children have thoroughly enjoyed playing  a lead role within many acts of good citizenship. A few of which include:

  • Planting over 500 spring bulbs to further enhance the  beautiful appearance of  Feniton’s  old village.
  • Delivering  the result of a bumper Harvest Festival to the elderly members of the local community.
  • Compiling an anthology  of poems which  formed part of the church’s annual  celebrations  of it’s  rise after the terrible floods of  2008.

Adventure training, outdoor and adventurous

Outdoor and adventure training formed an enjoyable part of fulfilling the criteria for the award. As an active, physical award winning school , there is ample opportunity for the children to have these character building experiences. Their resolve was pushed to the limit and they met each challenge head on.

Supporting a charity

So much of the children’s efforts have been geared towards raising awareness of and funding for, charities close to their own hearts. We are proud that these wonderful individuals have been part of Feniton Primary School.

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